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Treasures in Archives

Call for audio-visual (short documentary) projects

The European Digital Treasures project has launched a call for short documentaries and short animated documentaries on the theme the “Construction of Europe”.

The call was addressed to visual creators based in Hungary, Malta, Norway, Portugal and Spain and its objective was the production of several short documentaries or short animated documentaries based on archival documents from the Middle Ages onwards, which will help to better understand, know and investigate our common European history.

Find the selected projects here: Winners

Thanks to all the participants and congratulations to the winners!

Click here for more information on the call: Treasures in Archives
The call was open from 15 June 2021 until 31 October 2021 – below you can read about the requirements of the call:

In a first phase, potential film makers should send the following materials to give us the input we need to choose which documentary or documentaries should be funded by our project:

  • A project description which should include a memo of the intentions and creative basis of the project, reasons for choosing certain documents, introduction of the idea, topic and sample of the storyboard if it is animated. In order to develop your idea you have to choose one or more of the 60 archival documents related to the “Constructions of Europe” that you can find on Timeline — Treasures in Archives
  • A short proposal video in which the director explains the project.

Winning project candidates:

  • Will sign a contract with the National Archive responsible in each partner country (Hungary, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Spain) to produce the short documentary or short animated documentary.
  • Will be invited to an international encounter in Cork, Ireland, organized by Munster Technological University (MTU), taking place 20-22 April 2022, together with the winners of other participating countries.

The results will be presented in the last quarter of 2022 at the annual convention of the International Centre for Archival Research (ICARUS).