Training Workshop 1: New Business Models

Autumn 2020

One of the main goals of European Digital Treasures is to generate added value, visibility and economic profitability of European archives, through the identification and implementation of new business models and activities.

To pursue this aim, the project organises, among other activities, two training and exchange workshops.

The first one is scheduled for autumn 2020, to be organised by ICARUS.

The project partners and experts will present good practices from the research activities:

  • Pan-European Diagnosis and State of the Arts, that consists on a mapping of key data on the existing managerial models being applied so far at the international archives; and the
  • International benchmark that identifies good practices and new trends in the management of cultural institutions, in order to be able to assess their potential and implementation towards the Archives subsector.

Yvan Corbat, senior consultant from DEX, the company that has developed the Diagnosis and the International Benchmark, alongside ICARUS members will be designing and guiding the session.

The objective of the workshop is to reach some 50 archivists and managers from all the EU geography, and to analyse and select with them the best practices according to their perspective and criteria. If you are interested we will open an entry form when dates are confirmed.

The working language and the materials generated for the experts will be in English.