Hansjörg Schwab

Hansjörg Schwab’s career path already angled early towards graphic design – starting in his teen years at the HBLA Ortweinschule in Graz, Austria – a renowned secondary school for art and design. After graduation he started working as graphic designer for different companies in Graz and Vienna, where in 2012 he and his wife decided to stand on their own feet and founded the design studio „Der Herr Bertl“ (hard to translate, it somehow means: “The Mister Bertl“).

Self-employment turned out to be a good choice, especially with his wife sharing in! Today the studio’s customers range from governmental organizations over magazine publishing companies to private companies and lately their main focus happened to be on editorial design.

The encounter with our project’s digital treasures was a new experience for Hansjörg Schwab, who is generally highly interested in history and especially history of art – but never had the opportunity to get into such close contact with archival sources displaying and documenting historic events first hand.

My approach was rather pragmatic. How could the content of the archival treasures be compared to modern days and how could you transform this into something entertaining that people may want to buy for themselves or friends?!

—- Hansjörg Schwab

… follow Hansjörg Schwab’s work for European Digital Treasures at our Artistic Residence in Madrid, 17th – 21st February 2020 …..