WP 2 – Stories of the History – Roaming Exhibitions and Storytelling


Without a doubt, archives are the keepers of our shared cultural heritage. Sadly, the potential of this vocation remains to a large extend unknown to and unperceived by the public.


To invite the public to discover archival (digital) treasures and learn about the importance of archives for our cultural heritage, we are creating 3 roaming exhibitions, including the roaming of some 140 key documents from 46 different archives  and the creation of transmedia interactive products (videogames and apps) to tell the stories of our shared past to the public – to young and old, to history enthusiasts to expert historians, to unexpected and anticipated usercommunities of archives. (Click on the side infographic for more detailed info)

Roaming transmedia exhibitions

The exhibitions will roam through Spain, Portugal, Norway, Austria, Malta and Hungary during 2021 and 2022. Each roaming exhibition will focus on a specific topic – each telling a story of shared European history:

  • The construction of Europe – History, Memory and Myth of Europeanness over 1000 years
  • Exiles, Migratory flows and Solidarity
  • European Discoveries: From the New World to New Technologies

On December 2019, a design thinking workshop was held in Madrid in order to develop and discussed the artistic concept and the narrative of the transmedia exhibitions and products. For more info click here