WP 1 – New Business Models for European Archives in the XXI Century

One of the key objectives of our project is to generate a greater added value, profitability, visibility and economic return for European archives, through the identification and implementation of new business models and activities.

In a first step it will be necessary to identify, evaluate and process a homogeneous knowledge basis and to provoke cross-sectorial encounters. To do so, under the leadership of the project’s Lead Partner (Spanish State Archives), the following actions will be carried out progressively throughout the first half of the project implementation (+-between November 2018 and December 2020):

Pan-European Diagnosis and State of the Arts / Definition of an international benchmark (2019-2020)

Training workshop on new Business and conceptual Models (Autumn 2020)

Training workshop on new Digital Technologies with regard to new Business Models (Autumn 2020)

Serious Games and Archives (postponed to 2021)

Artistic residence (Spring 2020)

Alternative models for the generation of new activities and incomes / Monitorisation & evaluation report