Olga Toral Gambín

When you work with art, you go through different stages – obstinacy, patience, dedication, tenacity. Then, you think that you are on the right path, soon you will understand you are not.

— Olga Toral Gambín

Olalla Gambin is the name of Olga Toral Gambíns small company following the tradition of the Spanish master craftsmanship of combining leather with silk. Collaborating with museums, cathedrals and other cultural instutions, Olga Toral Gambín’s products – ranging from bags of different styles to small accessories to ballerina shoes – are picking up characteristics of masterpieces of art, working with the colours and forms of the original and bringing it into a new context.

The products can be purchased in museum shops but also directly via the online shop on the website of Olalla Gambin.

Collaboration with Museo Bellas Artes de Bilbao – still life by Vincent van Gogh:

Collaboration with the Pompidou Museum in Málaga – products inspired by Piet Mondrian’s abstract paintings:

Patterns inspired by the Alhambra’s decorative, geometric tiles:

Getting in touch with archival documents was yet another challenge for Olga Toral Gambín – stay tuned to see what she made out of it…