Siegfried Gruber

As far back as I can remember I have always had a bit of a thing to have a slightly different perspective on my surroundings: I was always intrigued by nature`s fascinating patterns, shapes and colours that inspired and still inspire me to explore and experiment with different materials and give my creations an unusual spin.

— Siegfried Gruber

Spending most of his professional years in different advertisement agencies, Siegfried Gruber obtained valuable skills: on the one hand, working in the advertisement sector usually means to quickly generate money-making ideas and concepts without necessarily having the time to indulge in and explore vast creative horizons. On the other hand, though, working in advertisement allowed him to work in teams bouncing ideas – the fast pace not just being a burdensome challenge but surprisingly also allowing him to test out bold and out of the box ideas.

For more than 15 years in the leading position of art director I was able to collect valuable knowledge in a diverse range of agencies. Always nourishing my ability to think freely, I developed award-winning ideas for national and international brand communication projects. Especially the combination of traditional print with new digital media turned out to be my strong point.


A few years ago, Siegfried Gruber decided to found his own agency – GS-Designlab – and now enjoys the possibilities of engaging in a variety of different projects, people and colleagues as well as challenging himself to test out and explore new grounds.

… follow Siegfried’s work for European Digital Treasures at our Artistic Residence in Madrid, 17th – 21st February 2020