Creation of Business Model(s) for the generation of new activities and incomes

On the basis of the previous knowledge acquired and further to exchanges between partners, throughout the 2nd half of 2020, a proposal of new Business Models was drafted, including a series of recommendations in order to improve the management of European National Archives.

By Business Models, we mean the model by which an arts organisation – in this case institutions with archival holdings – operates as a business, including its value proposition, sources of revenue, customer base, services or products, operating systems and processes, financial arrangements, relationships with suppliers and partners, workforce arrangements and organisational culture.

The objective here is not to substitute existing plans, models or strategies, but to offer them a flexible toolbox with sustainable proposals or alternatives that can be adapted to their need and potential, and in particular taking into account opportunities derived from the digital economy.

First of all, external scientific experts, on the basis of the previous mapping and benchmark, drafted a general SWOT-analysis  (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) and carried out several interview-meetings with the partner archives. Based on these results, they proposed alternative ways of management (models) to be picked. In line with the mapping, the new business models covered a series of issues of interest (Finances, Resources, Distribution channels, Audience management, Communication management, Better use of the digital economy and of ICT tools, etc.).

Reports of proposals:

3. Report on specific proposals regarding the potential of the digital transformation of Archives

4. Specific proposals and possible actions

These reports worked as inspiration so that the partners could carry out pilot testing and monitorisation of its implementation throughout the 2nd half of the project (Activity 8. Alternative models for the generation of new activities and incomes / Monitorisation & evaluation report).