European Youths Archives


“Generation Z” or the “iGeneration” is born digitally and using digital social media channels and Apps for communication come naturally to them. Therefore, exploring a way for archives to enter this sphere of digital communication and connection, bears a great opportunity for archives and (younger) citizens to get in touch with and learn about each other.


Complementing the storytelling of the roaming transmedia exhibtions, we will develop an edutainment App which connects the exhibitions to social networks, the self-evident playgrounds and communication platforms of “generation Z”. By integrating the archival world into the natural digital habitat of younger generations, access to archives will be eased and interest in discovering cultural heritage sparked.

Through this technological innovation, especially teenagers will be enabled to discover archives on their own terms and be given the opportunity to co-curate their own digital exhibitions of archival documents. Throughout this pilot activty, the teens will be supported and tutorized by archivists and guidelines for sharing content on social media will established.

In the end, 100 of the most “liked” selected digital documents will be collected in the online exhibition “European Youths Archives”, available here in due time.