Archival Literacy Online Course


Archivists invest much of their time and efforts into educating individual users by teaching them on how to conduct research in their fonts and also by going into schools to inform the younger generations on the values and knowledge that lie in archives. In the digital age educational institutions as well as archives have to adapt to new technologies of enhanced learning and are given the chance to exploit these technological developments for resourceful and comprehensive learning opportunities,


With the support of the Department of Technology Enhanced Learning at the Cork Institute of Technology, we will develop an online training course on archival literacy oriented towards teachers of secondary schools, to introduce younger generations to the potential of archives and facilitate knowledge transfer in line with the progression of digital technology.

A pilot version in English was developed throughout 2020 to test it with a group of professors from every country participating in the project and improve it throughout 2021, under the supervision of the project Scientific Committee.

If you are a selected teacher for testing the Archival Literacy Online Course, you can have access to the e-learning platform from here

From 2021 onwards, the partners will promote its distribution and use through their national networks of schools and teachers and evaluate and assess the use and impact of the course as an efficient and sustainable new tool.