Pan-European Diagnosis and State of the Arts / Definition of an international benchmark

European Digital Treasures is a project selected in 2018 by the European Agency “The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA)”, in the framework of Creative Europe-Culture Programme. The State/National Archives of several countries (Hungary, Malta, Norway, Portugal and Spain) and renowned European institutions such as the International Center for Archival Research (ICARUS) and Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) are part of it.
The General Subdirectorate of the State Archives of Spain leads the project which aims to address some of the challenges facing the archives in Europe.

Over the last decades, institutions with archival holdings have invested important resources to offer access to digitized items. These “digital treasures” are thus incorporated as primary sources to free access portals, but they do not have a transformation process nor generate economic returns, despite the relatively important costs of digitization.

In that framework, and in line with the general objectives Creative Europe, the project plans to tackle some of the key new challenges faced by the digitized archives in Europe.

In line with the results presented in the following reports, the general profile and the first basic SWOT analysis drafted, the following lines highlight the main trends and conclusions observed, and intend to identify some initial recommendations, especially towards next step of the Digital Treasures project, aiming at the improvement of business/management models and plans for European Archives

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