Silver Generation

There seems to be a great need to increase the number of members of the so called “Silver Economy” profiles (from age 60 onwards) as active users of archives.

To learn more about the nature of silver researchers in archives, our project issuedan online survey, reaching 889 potential users throughout 2019 to identify pan-European fields of interest and acquire more knowledge about the needs of this specific user community (60+).

The main goal of the survey was to contribute to a greater diversification of the users of European archives, through the identification and implementation of new audiences’ development strategies and activities.

Among the main conclusions of the survey were the following facts:

Senior users are eminently male (69%), exceeding more than double the percentage of female users (30%)

60% of silver users have a tertiary level (university) education

41% visit the archives to conduct family history/genealogical research

Overall the satisfaction with archival infrastructures and services is very high among silver users, especially in relation to staff, digitalization and collections

A high percentage of the respondents are willing to participate as volunteers in projects of local history, scanning, indexing or transcribing.

See here the REPORT of the Survey with the results, case studies, draft conclusions and recommendations towards the implementation of a crowdsourcing activity in 2020-2021.

In the following video you can see interviews with three users over the age of 60 from Hungary, Norway and Spain who participated in the survey.

Case Studies

Currently we invited archives to submit their ideas and activities in connection with Silver Users – engaging them as voluntary workers or cooperation on micro-tasks such as referencing, transcribing, etc. These Case Studies will help us to evaluate and define good practises for the engagement with new target audiences in European Archives.

Find the short questionnaire here.