One of the main goals of European Digital Treasures is to generate added value, visibility and economic profitability of European archives, through the identification and implementation of new business models and activities.

To pursue this aim, the project organises, among other activities, one training and exchange workshop. The event will be held in hybrid form on 2nd and 3rd September 2021, at the Provincial Historical Archive of Alicante (Spain).

You are most welcome to join the event via streaming here:

September 2nd

September 3rd

We want the sessions to be dynamic and interactive. The presentations will last 20 minutes followed by a 10-minute question and answer session. You can post your questions in the chat, from where they will be conveyed to the speakers to be answered.
Note: in order to post questions in the chat you have to log in with your Google- or YouTube account!

“Hands-on workshop” on September 2nd (14:00 to 16:00)

This session is divided into two parts:

  •  The first part will be devoted to help understanding the practical implications of Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR) technology, including creation of ground truth (GT) to train HTR systems. 
  • The second part will focus on information search and extraction from large collection of untranscribed, but otherwise probabilistically indexed (PrIx) text images.

Requirements for the “Hands-on workshop”:

  • You will need a browser, preferably Google Chrome or Firefox.  You can use a tablet or smartphone, although a desktop computer or laptop with a real keyboard and real mouse (or integrated into the laptop such as a touchpad, point stick, etc.) will be preferable.
  • One of the exercises will deal with ground-truth generation. A tool must be downloaded here.

The workshop will count on 12 experts from 5 different EU countries and will be orientated at reaching archivists and managers from across the EU geography. Within this framework, selected speakers and attendees will debate and explain how new business models are being generated through innovation in new exponential digital technologies. You can consult the name of the experts and their biographies in the Agenda, as well as the schedules and topics of each session.

The working sessions will be recorded and made available on our website.

The working language and the materials generated for the experts will be in English.